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Family Housing Investments, LLC (FHI) and FHI Home Inspections realize that the purchase of a home is probably the largest investment most of us will ever make in life, and its a decision that will affect you for years to come. The process can be extremely stressful and confusing and it's difficult to remove any emotional attachment you may have for a home due to many factors. A professional home inspection from us will significantly reduce your risk and will help make the entire home buying process easier and less stressful. Our goal is to add value and protection at every stage of the process and give you piece of mind about your decision.

Whether you need a pre-purchase, pre-list, or general home inspection, an FHI home inspector is available to discuss how our services can meet your needs. Our impartial and experienced inspector can help you make an educated real estate investment. We will also discuss the top defects found in most homes. Our philosophy at FHI Home Inspections is to inspect each home with the utmost care, to be thorough, and to explain our findings clearly with each client.

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Owen Ott, a U.S. Military Veteran, is a certified Home Inspector, trained at the American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT), has passed the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board Examination. AHIT is approved and recognized by ASHI, NAHI, CREIA, InterNACHI and other professional organizations. He came into the home inspection industry with many years experience of home remodeling and real estate investing. And as a 20 year veteran, he appreciates the sacrifice of other veterans; which is why he is offering a $50 discount to all current and former members of the armed forces. Thank You!!!

Now, please keep in mind, the "Home Inspection" is NOT technically exhaustive and does NOT imply that every defect will be discovered. Our home inspector will describe the condition of the dwelling at the time of the "Home Inspection" but does not guarantee the future condition, efficiency, or life expectancy of systems or components of the dwelling.

A home inspection is supposed to give you peace of mind, but often has the opposite effect. You will be asked to absorb a lot of information in a short time. This will include a written report, a checklist, photographs, environmental reports (if available), and what the inspector himself says during the inspection. All this, combined with the seller's disclosure and what you notice yourself, makes the experience even more overwhelming. So what should you do?

Relax. Most of your inspection will be maintenance recommendations, life expectancies for various systems and components, and minor imperfections. These are useful to know, however, the issues that really matter will fall into four categories:

  1. Major defects. An example of this would be a structural failure;
  2. Things that lead to major defects, such as a small roof-flashing leak, for example;
  3. Things that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or insure the home; and
  4. Safety hazards, such as an exposed, live buss bar at the electrical panel, gas leaks, etc.

At FHI, we provide a thorough, un-biased evaluation of the condition of the property on the day of the inspection. Inspections typically last from 2 to 4 hours depending on the size and condition of the home. You are encouraged to be present during the inspection and may walk along and ask questions as the inspection is taking place. An electronic report containing findings and recommendations will be emailed to you (usually on the day of your inspection) but not more than 3 working days. All reports contain photographs taken during the inspection.

During your inspection, we will be looking for fire, health and safety issues, along with anything that would be a major expense ($500 or greater) to either repair or replace. In addition, the inspector will be noting items that don’t fall under the categories above but are more of a maintenance item (example is normal wear and tear). Please note: we do not perform code­compliant inspections. What was code when the home was built is different from code today. Additionally, the seller is not required to bring the home up to code in order to sell it.

So, with that said, check out our services and request an FHI Home Inspection so we can provide the peace of mind you deserve.

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